Helpful Carpet Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Carpets are the most attractive part of your house. It gives that whole vibe to your house that makes it unique. However, no matter how attractive your carpet makes your house look, it is a pain to clean them. Moreover, they get dirty pretty easily. As well as you should know that just vacuuming the carpet is not gonna be enough. Also do not forget all those stubborn stains that have been forever on your carpet. But do not worry because this blog consists of many DIY tips to clean your carpet at home.

Here are some carpet cleaning tips from the pros that you can use to get fresh-looking carpet.

Blot The Stains, Quit Rubbing

When you spill anything on your carpet and you rub it. This will make the stain go deeper. Basically, it will make it worse. Therefore, you should always blot the stain. To prevent the stain from being more difficult to get rid of. So, now whenever you spill anything on your carpet. Grab a cotton towel and blot the stain. Moreover, make sure that you take immediate action whenever you spill anything on your carpet. The more you let it be, the more it will get deeper.

Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

Yes, it is true that only vacuuming is not enough to keep your carpet clean. However, vacuuming regularly can prevent your carpet from getting worse. It will clean the dust particles from the outer layer of your carpet. Although if you do not vacuum regularly, then the dust will reach the bottom layer of the carpet. Carpets are denser in the bottom layer. Therefore, once the dust reaches that layer it gets stuck in it. Which is very difficult to remove. Hence, you should clean your carpet regularly.

Club Soda To The Rescue

Being a wine lover can be very problematic for your carpet. But do not worry. Because a kitchen ingredient as simple as club soda can be used to get rid of stubborn stains like wine. Whenever you spill something on your carpet. Take a cotton cloth. Pour some soda on it then blot the stain. If the stain seems to get lighter. Then add more soda to your cloth and keep blotting. If this does not work then try mixing the soda with water in equal proportion and spray it on the stain.

Use Ice To Help You Out

Mistakenly there is a chewing gum stuck in your carpet? Do not try anything other than ice cubes. Yes, ice cubes can easily remove gum from your carpet. To get rid of the gum using ice cubes all you have to do is pour 5 to 6 ice cubes in an ice bag. Then place the bag on the gum. Wait for 50 to 60 seconds to freeze the gum. Then use a knife to gently clear out the area. Later clean the remaining carpet mix a little bit of soap with one drop of vinegar and blot the stain.

Call A Professional For A Thorough Carpet Cleaning At Affordable Prices

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